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Tuesday 30 August 2016

The City of Ectabana

The city of Ectabana at the time of Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge. (seen on Page 21) With the city being mostly limited to the inner walls which have become the main walls of the city.

The city of Ectabana is the capital city of the Jamesian Kingdom (Called Dijamz'os'ia by the Jamesians and is often written on the capes of Jamesian elites and royalty). The location that the settlement was built on is a meteor crater that was made when a asteroid smashed into the ground somewhere around 340,000BX.

The Ectabana crater remained unoccupied until the Korkin conquest of the Yemeka Oxa around 33,000BX. The crater had a natural spring in the center of it where the Zwoti Korkins built many temples and shrines to all their gods. 

The religious complex that was built was called Ektalya (meteor crater city) by the Zwoti Korkins. Ektalya was unfortunately ransacked by the Zardonians in 30,600 BX and then turned into a Zardonian fort called Ectalium. This fort allowed the Zardonians to control Zwotia. However the Jamesians showed up around 30,000BX and started to fight the Zardonians.  The Zardonians lost the battle of Ectalium in 30,021 BX and the fort was utterly destroyed and the occupants completely massacred by the vengeful Zwoti Korkins who made up half the Jamesian Army at the time. The shines and temples where long gone and the Zwoti decided that the Jamesians should build a settlement on the ruins as the Jamesians needed a city to live in. Then the city of Ectabana (A mix of the Korkin word ekta meaning meteor crater and bana a Annatropa word meaning center). Was founded late 30,021BX.

The Royal Palace of Ectabana before Astarte turned the Jamesos Realm into a desert. The two royals in the center are King Karius IV and Queen Rukirya II, the leaders of the Jamesos Realm right before the arrival of Astarte's desert sands around 15,000 BX.
The Old Jamesian Kingdom (30,010BX-19,969BX) and the Middle Jamesian Kingdom (18,430BX-15,025BX) where very wealthy and the "inner walls" I mentioned at the start where the walls of the Royal Palace as the city grew to be one of the largest in the Xerxesian World.

However Astarte's desert curse had made most of the Jamesos Realm infertile and food became harder to come by. While Zarat became the main provider of food to the Jamesians. The Destruction of the Outer city by the Astarts when they tried to flatten the metropolis in 15,025BX forced King Karius IV to downsize his own royal palace to allow the surviving residents of Ectabana live in the many rooms it had. Over time the city retracted to just the inner walls as the outer city ruins where cannibalized to build houses and sell to the allies of the Jamesos Realm.
A cross section of the Ectabana palace of the Xerxesian Chronicles era. The palace where King Darius and his daughter Princess Ato'ssa live in is quite small compered to the titanic grand palaces of the Old and Middle Jamesian Kingdoms.
Princess Ato'ssa bathing in the little pool that's built on top of the Ectabana Palace.

Princess Ato'ssa leaving Xerxes' Tree House after having a sleep over with Xerxes. Jamesian royalty of the Old and Middle Jamesian kingdom would of been shocked at the idea of royalty wanting to sleep in a single roomed tree, but Xerxesian Chronicles era royalty don't care as much.

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