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I'm James Hendry and I draw a comic called Xerxesian Chronicles. I also draw many pictures of the world of Xerxesian Chronicles which includes it's characters , locations and it's many races that are located in it.

Xerxesian Chronicles is set in the Jamesos Realm , a green land turned into a desert by the goddess Astarte in order to control it but after 100 lifespans she only controls the eastern parts. The Jamesians and their allies the Zaratians have resisted the Astart empire. The Astart empire has lost it's momentum and Astarte has resorted to using mercenaries and summoning monsters to keep the Jamesians at bay.

The Jamesian Command , a mix of provincial governors, King Darius of the Jamesos Realm and the Knights of Ahura-Mazda have decided that now is the time to destroy Astarte , so they pick their best warrior , Xerxes to get the Sword of Ahura and put an end to Astarte and her empire.

Xerxesian Chronicles is about Xerxes and his quest to get the Sword of Ahura-Mazda and defeat Astarte and her servants. He'll have to travel around the Jamesos Realm in order to stop those charmed and bribed by Astarte into fighting the Jamesians and their allies.  Xerxes will fight , meet , and visit many places , nations and people that live throughout the Jamesos Realm in a quest to bring the green back to the Jamesos Realm.

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