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Tuesday 23 August 2016

Astarte's Monsters

Xerxes fighting monsters in the Jamesian Desert. A lizardbite(left) and a minobite(right).

Monsters are artificiality created beings made by Jamesianoids, spirits and gods. Monsters are loyal creatures with only some sentience as they are made to serve. Astarte makes these monsters to patrol Astart controlled parts of the Jamesos Realm. These monsters are used as a cheap throwaway troops and are often given outdated weapons and armor (if they are given armor at all) to fight their enemies.  

Astarte after making a group of monsters , Astarte is one of the few beings capable of making monsters. These are Minobite(left), Dikin (the large snake), Astartikaru (the black bat), Jakabite(right) and the Ditas(the rat). The magic required to make monsters is high and to make many means you need to be as powerful as a god like Astarte. Xerxes' soul pieces allows Astarte to make monsters in many locations like the Old Takura Temple in The Takura Forest (seen in Page 13-15 and Page 16-18). Astarte's strategy is to delay the Jamesians long enough to implement her grand strategy which Xerxes will find out as he collects his soul pieces.
Xerxes' soul piece creating falkobites, most monsters are mixes between Jamesianoids and animals and can only be created and can never be breed. Soul pieces are good artifacts for making monsters as their spirit energy does not need to keep a person alive.

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