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Thursday, 30 June 2016

Character Profile: King Urlius and Queen Yuufia Zarat'yoneh

King Urlius and Queen Yuufia in their royal tent. Zaratians live in tents because of their semi-nomadic nature. 

King Urlius and Queen Yuufia are the monarchs of Zarat , an allied nation of the Jamesians. They are a semi-nomadic people who live around the Gilgamorium Lake Region. Urlius and Yuufia became King and Queen around 20 BX. Urlius and Yuufia where together long before they became the leaders of Zarat. They became King and Queen after Queen Mizyenna died of old age. The Zaratian consul decided that the couple where the best people to succeed Mizyenna due to their good leadership skills. 

King Urlius on a camel. Zaratians use camels as much as horses for transport and meat. 

Character info
Name : Urlius Zarat'yoneh.
Race : Zaratian Anatrotu.
Age : 81 Jamesosian years (254 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where he hatched : Zarat Karye
Location of Resendence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Zarat'yarehri'in.
Height : 195 cm
Weight : 89 kg

King Urlius was a camp leader before became king. He managed the resources of the camp and had the authority to move the camp when it was necessary. He was grouped up with Yuufia Rokkya who became his friend. He married her 5 years later. It was peaceful when King Urlius was made King, The Zardonians where allied to the Jamesians(Zarats closest ally) and the Ssatu vassals where obedient as the Astart Empire had no practical way to get to Zarat. Zarat was peaceful for most of King Urlius' reign but lately Astarte had made King Jemesis of Zardonia attack the Zaratians and to get the Ssatu to rebel in Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda but Xerxes and the Zaratian General Regius defeated both forces and installed new loyal leaders to replace to rebellious ones.

He now knows that if Astarte can influence nearby allies to turn on him.  Then it would be easy for a mercenary army loyal to Astarte to manifest itself in his Kingdom's borders. He is afraid of this but hides it behind a smile and deals with it by being around his wife Yuufia. He prepares for the worst but makes sure that his people don't worry too much or became too afraid when that Astart loyal force appears.

Yuufia rides on her Ostrich. Ostrichs are a light fast mount and they lay large eggs that Zaratians like to eat.
Character info
Name : Yuufia Zarat'yoneh (Yuufia Rokkya before marrage).
Race : Zaratian Anatrotu.
Age : 87 Jamesosian years (273 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where she hatched : Zarat Karye
Location of Resendence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Zarat'yarehri'in.
Height : 196 cm
Weight : 87 kg

Queen Yuufia was a camp inspector and scout , she rode around the camp and the surrounding area looking for danger and the next place to move the camp to when it was needed. She also looked for regions with settled populations to trade with, where she will tell Zaratian traders if the people there want to trade with them. Yuufia started to get a soft spot for Urlius and they became good friends and she decided to marry Urlius. When she became queen she stayed with Urlius most of the time and did not go riding on her Ostrich with the same frequency of her pre-royal days. When Astarte started to implement her plans to weaken Zarat, she became worried but she believed that Urlius and herself can deal with it. When the Zaratians won the battle of Zarat-Karye. Yuufia stopped worrying as now she knows that if Astarte tries again, Astarte would be defeated.

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