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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

The Ssatu

The Ssatu and their 2 hybrids the Shata and the Ssatrotu.

The Ssatu have been around since 160,000BX and are one of the oldest types of Jamesianoid to exist. they live in the northern parts of the Greater Jamesos Realm and have expanded their territories to the south. The Ssatu are covered in soft black fur that keeps them warm in the cold and snowy northern regions. Their long fur is the reason that they are all naked as the fur covers their genitals and keeps them warm. Clothes are not cheap in pre-industrial societies and the ssatu have a essentially a black fur bodysuit glued to their flesh making clothes unnecessary to them.  Anatrotu and Oxa can interbreed with the Ssatu making the Ssatrotu and Shata. These hybrids are common due to the Ssatu enslavement of many Oxa tribes and the Anatrotu liking the feel of Ssatu fur and some like patting and hugging them which inevitably led to crossbreeding with the ssatu who didn't get annoyed at them.
A Kiuho (Jamesian domesticated wolf) and a Ssatu girl. Some ssatu ladies like to wear armbands and leg bands for show. 

The green furred Shata are the result of crossbreeding between the Ssatu and Oxa. This little hybrids shocked the Ssatu who kept the eggs laid by Oxa that they have had their way with after the Ssatu conquest of many Oxa towns and tribes around 34,000BX(Before Xerxes). The Shata are around 145cm tall when they grow into adults. The Ssatrotu are the hybrids between the Ssatu and Anatrotu the hair , fur and eye color is based on the Anatrotu parent. King Darius' Father Ahuratiz II tried to make a large population of Ssatrotu but failed. The Ssatrotu are on average 220cm tall when matured fully and are one of the biggest types of Jamesianoid to exist.  The Ssatu themselves are average for Jamesianoids being around 194cm tall when fully grown.
Cross-sections of Ssatu houses. The ssatu have 3 common types of house. The longhouses (poma in Ssatu) are the most common and tend to house a single family and often have 2 rooms. The pot house (yaima) which can only house 2 people are the cheapest house to make and/or buy. Ssatu generally like to spend most of their time outside unless it's nighttime or raining. The big round house (radro) can house around 50 people and can have a small community living in them. Their is food cooking in a earth oven (ndasa).

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