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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

The Korkin City of Garasyim

The center road of Garasyim, with the Garasyim Hot-water River flowing though the middle. Garasyim is the only North Korkin Kingdom left.

The Korkin city of Garasyim is the capital city of the Garasyim Korkin Kingdom. It was founded around 34,560 BX(Before Xerxes) in the early Korkin Middle Period (36,000BX-31,200BX) as Miidosian Korkins Expanded into Nyahiksa-Korkin Tribal lands and colonized the Garasyim valley. In the early stages Garasyims development the city, it was occupied mostly by Nyahiksakins (A hybrid of a Nyahiksa and Korkin). 
The cities name Garasyim means mountain bath in Korkin, referring to the hot springs inside the mountain. These hot springs flow into the Garasyim river which made the Garasyim valley.
The west facing side of the Garasyim mountain showing steam vents coming from the hot springs.

Xerxes landing in one of these underground hot springs Garasyim got its name from.

As the Miidosian Korkins continued to colonize the lands to the south the city of Garasyim was mostly ignored by the Miidosians. However in 31,170BX , an Anatrotu tribe known as the Zardonians invaded Miidosia.
Garasyim territories. The Cyan area is Territory Garasyim controls in 35XY(Xerxes Years) with the dashed cyan areas being areas Garasyim temperately held. The Blue Area is The Miidosian Kingdom which has been destroyed by the Zardonians in 31,164BX. The dashed blue area is the greatest extent of the First golden age of Zardonia (30,676BX-30,021BX)

The Zardonians took over most of Miidosia and after a two year siege , they sacked the city of Miidos. Many korkins fled the Zardonian conquest to the colonies to the west and the south. This is where Garasyim became a korkin majority city and kingdom, relplacing most of the Nyahiksakin population. 

The Zardonians tried to conquer the Garasyim throughout the Early Zardonian Age . First in 31,160BX (First Zardo-syim war), second in 31,132BX (First Tamagara war) and third in 31,092BX (second Zardo-syim war). The mountainous terrain as well as Karutu support thwarted any Zardonian attempt to annex Garasyim. This lead to the Zardonians expanding to the north and the east.

A city map of Garasyim as seen by Xerxes though the memories of a Korkin Stone Caster when he touched his forehead. 

Garasyim battled throughout history even being conquered by the Karutu empire in 12,685BX. But quickly regained independence quickly after. 
The Kingdom of Garasyim is currently allies to the Astart Empire as the Astarts fought the Zardonians. Xerxes's freeing of Karutu and Hyaza-Oxa captives has angered angered Syakonnia and her servants.

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