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Tuesday 22 November 2016

The Korkins

The different clothing styles of the korkins in 35XY (Xerxes Years) The clothes worn by the korkins on the left are worn by the Garasyim priests and stone casters. 
The clothes worn by the korkins in the middle are what most korkins used to wear in the early and middle Korkin period (40,000BX (Before Xerxes) to 31,200BX) and are still worn by many Garasyim Korkins but not by Zwoti and Takura Korkins. 
The korkins on the right are wearing clothes in the Zwoti style and are the styles that Zwoti and Takura Korkins exclusively use.

The Korkins are a Karakinian Type of Jamesianoid who have the same ancestors as the Karutu.  They also appeared around the same time around 40,000BX. The Korkins formed city states in Zardonia soon afterwords near 38,000BX. The Korkins had a larger population compared to the Karutu as well as a larger spread , living throughout the Zardonian mountain range. They were able to defend themselves from most Oxa incursions. This peroid in korkin history is known as the Early Korkin Period (40,000BX-36,000BX) were the korkins had hundreds of city states with their own ruler.

A korkin village in the Takura Forest. The korkins began to expand when kingdoms started to appear in the Middle Korkin Period (36,000BX to 31,200BX).
The Middle Korkin Period saw the rise of Korkin Kingdoms like Langdze , Garasyim and Azagara. These kingdoms quickly ate up any smaller city state until they were all absorbed into these kingdoms.

Initially these states fought each other but the rise of Oxa kingdoms in the 35th millennium BX turned the attention of the korkins towards the young Oxa civilizations. This resulted in the Korkin Kingdom of Langdze invading the Yemeka Oxa during the Yemeka wars (33,000BX-32,920BX). This was a golden age of korkin civilization which inevitably came to an end.

In the 32nd millennium BX large groups of Anatrotu invaded the Grater Jamesos Realm taking over most of the lands they entered. This was true for the Korkins as many cities and Kingdoms were conquered by the Zardonians, a tribe of Anatrotu. This resulted in the Garasyim/Zwoti split, with the Kingdom of Garasyim been separated from rest of the remaining korkin kingdoms of Zwotia, Azagara and Zwikgara.

The spread of korkins in 35XY. Where the korkin population is concentrated around the Kingdom of Garasyim and the Zwoti areas that are now under the control of anatrotu kingdoms of the Zardonians and the Jamesians.

The end of the Korkin Middle Period in 31,200BX started the long decline of korkin civilization. 
The Kingdom of Miidosia was conquered by the Zardonians in 31,150BX.
The city of Langdze was destroyed in a solar magic explosion turning it into a smoking ruin in 31,090BX, soon after Zyo'ia was conquered by the Zardonians.
Azalya(Assiria) was taken out by heavy Zardonian infiltration around 30,912BX.
Zwotia lost it's northern territory (Jamesia) by The Zardonian Kingdom in 30,600BX but was liberated by the Jamesians in 30,021BX.
The Kingdom of Zwotia merged with the Jamesian Kingdom in 30,006BX after the first Jameso-Harrata war.
Zwikgara and Azagara where conquered by the Zardonian King Konataius II in 25,672BX.

Zwuku, a Garasyim Korkin being ambushed by cats who are after her rats. Korkins eat rodents on a regular basis and will hunt and farm them as mice are a very cheap source of meat. Korkins are a type of Jamesianoid and Jamesianoids, like cats need to eat meat to survive.

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