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Tuesday 1 November 2016

Harratans and the Kawuzhu-Oxa.

A Kawuzhu Oxa fighting a Harratan in the Forests in Harrata.

The Kawuzhu Oxa and the Harratans have had a love-hate relationship ever since the Harratans entered the area around 31,250 BX(Years before Xerxes). The Harratans displaced the local Riuka Oxa which made the Kawuzhu-Oxa angry at the Harratan Anatrotu and the first Kawuzhu-Harrata war started and lasted until 30,940 BX with a Harratan victory resulting in the lost of Riuka and Yokoka Oxa Kingdoms to the invaders.

When the Harratans lost their Southern lands , first form the Zardonians (Zardonian Occupation 30,600BX-30,020BX) and then permanently by the Jamesians in 30,008BX. The Kingdom of Kawuzhu invaded the north Harrata where the Kawuzhu got close to conquering the Harratans but the Harratans where able to use guerrilla war tactics to make the occupation of North Harrata too costly for the Oxa.

The peace treaty to come out of this was that the Kawuzhu will take all the surviving Yokoka-Oxa living in Harrata which freed up North Harrata to allow south Harratans to move out of the Jamesian Kingdom.

When Astarte turned the Jamesos Realm around 15,000BX the Harratans joined in on the Astart side. The Jamesians where busy fighting off the Astarts, so King Karius IV made a deal with Queen Gisen VIII to invade Harrata. The Gisenian invasion of Harrata started in 15,000BX and conquered the Anatrotu Harratans around 14,992 BX and occupied the nation until the Astarts conquered Harrata around 7,400BX.

The Harratans lead a rebellion helped by the Knights of Ahura-Mazda liberating themselves in the Liberation war (7,145BX-7,139BX) where the Astarts abandoned the province due to it being too far away from the Astart support bases along the coast of the Greater Jamesos Realm to keep the lands effectively.

Queen Hiyana getting herself measured to get herself a metal lizard suit to protect herself from assassins.

The Kawuzhu-Oxa Kingdom has fought many wars with the Harratans over the 7,100 years between the liberation of Harrata and Queen Hiyana taking been given the throne of Harrata by king Darius in 15BX. Queen Hiyana is disliked by many Harratans so she got herself some protection. In the form of a bodysuit of steel scales made by Kawuzhu-Oxa armorers. Queen Hiyana used the fact that she was allies of the Jamesians to put herself in a position where King Turalis would not be able to attack the Harratans without Jamesian retribution but this was unnecessary due to the rise of the Shuumenian Empire around 5XY(Xerxes Years).

Harratan forces attacking Shuumen's undead army that attacked the city of Kawuzhu during the events of Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge. 

When Xerxes went to Kawuzhu to get the third piece of his soul, the undead armies of Shuumen attacked the city of Kawuzhu. Queen Hiyana found out that Kawuzhu was under siege by the Undead and wanted to help Xerxes by attacking the Shuumenian encampment with her heavy cavalry and chariots. How she will react with the events that have happened in the city has yet to be seen.

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