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Tuesday 25 October 2016

Spirits of the Greater Jamesos Realm.

Three Jamesianoid Spirits (Zyatu). These are spirits of long gone Jamesianoid races. These Races are the Xarratan (An Anatrotu tribe that turned into the Aratashan Zrama) on the left , a Han-pei in the middle and Zhisha (The common ancestor to the Haapitu and the Ryuutu).

The Greater Jamesos Realm is home to many spirits, these spirits are only distinguishable from mortal Jamesianoids by having golden blood. Jamesianoid spirits cannot die of natural causes but they can be killed. Jamesianoid Spirits are scarce in most regions but can be found in large numbers in the Orodian Mountain range and in the ruins of destroyed cities. Many adventurers have attempted to contact these spirits in order to learn about the history of old extinct Jamesianoid races and civilizations but most are either unable to or are killed and turned into type one spirits or are resurrected as zombies to be commanded by a necromancer.

Miruki is a type three spirit. Jamesianoid spirits come in three types.

Jamesianoid spirits come in three types.
Type one spirits are the spirits of dead Jamesianoids who have stayed in the mortal realm. They tend to be the most aggressive of spirits and will attack unwanted visitors often killing them which usually creates more type one spirits. 
Type two spirits are spirits who have been created from inanimate objects, Type two spirits only live in the city ruins and not in the Orodian Mountain range. They tend to be friendly because they were never killed unlike there type one neighbors. The common variant of the type two is the Zyachwa who live in old pots, vases and amphorae. Zyachwa and other type two spirits usually live in small communities separated from the vengeful ghosts that are the type one spirits.
Type three spirits are spirits who came out of nothing and are the rarest out of the three spirit types. How these spirits came into being is unknown and many Jamesosian scholars and philosophers have tried to understand them and how they entered existence but so far no-one not even the type three spirits them selves know how they started to be. 

A Spirit flying around shooting magic during the Shuumenian Attack on Kawuzhu in Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge on Page 40-42 and Page 43-45. The power is flight and magic attacks are learned abilities of Spirits.

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