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Tuesday 6 September 2016

The Kamuzid Dynasty.

The Kambuzid Familiy history following the direct line of succession starting with Queen Tatsurra , the first Kambuziz to get into power.

The Kambuziz Family has sat on the Jamesian throne for 3 generations succeeding the Pashitiz Dynasty in 180BX after the death of King Megabatiz XVIII , who died of old age.
The Kambuzid Queen Tatsurra took over the Jamesian Kingdom , later marring Xerxes the Elder who was already married to Imyokimyas. She used her husband and his other wife to ensure her she stayed in power while keeping the Knights of Ahura-Mazda pleased. 

She was succeeded by King Ahuratiz II in 100BX who was a part of the Anassatu reglion, a reglion that was a mix of Ssatu and Jamesian religious beliefs as well as believing that the merging of the Ssatu and Anatrotu types of Jamesianoids by crossbreeding them in hopes of making a super hybrid race. Like his father Xerxes the Elder he married two women, a Jamesian called Kyaazhiryo and a Ssatu called Ksiota. Despite trying to get the Ssatu nations to join the Jamesian kingdom and getting many Jamesians to take a Ssatu as an extra partner (mostly male Jamesians taking a Ssatu girl as a extra wife), it failed to merge the the Jamesian Anatrotu and Ssatu and he gave up.  He spent his later years with Kyaazhiryo and Ksiota who both helped soothe the mental wounds of his failure. 

King Darius , the late Queen Zyarya and young Princess Ato'ssa in the Ectabana Palace Garden.

King Darius succeeded King Ahuratiz II in 20BX and immediately started his plans to kick the Astarts out of the Jamesos Realm with force. The Harratans saw King Darius and Queen Zyarya as serious threats. The Harratans battled King Darius while Queen Zyarya invaded Lower Orodia. The Harratans where defeated by King Darius in 15BX at the Battle of Ororyura and installed Queen Hiyana as the new leader of Harrata. However his wife Queen Zyarya died at the Battle of Hekuium forcing the Jamesians out of Lower Orodia.

The Jamesians where invaded by the Astarts multiple times and with Xerxes' help, the Astarts where defeated and both Lower Orodia and Axeria became part of the Jamesian Kingdom. King Darius' daughter Princess Ato'ssa has grown a fondness for Xerxes as a result of the earlier wars and his interactions with her. Now the Jamesians are the closest they have ever been to driving the Astarts out of the Jamesos Realm and getting the desert curse to end.


  1. Amazing story..hopefully one day, I can make a good plot for my character's aswell.

    Is this based around actual events?