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Tuesday 9 August 2016

The City of Takurium

The City of Takurium when it was independent around 8,760 BX 

Takurium was a Korkin city founded around 15,000BX after the Defeat of the first Astart invasion of the Jamesos Realm. When the Astart army was ambushed and destroyed in the Takura forest where the local Zwoti Korkin population ambushed and destroyed the retreating Astart army. Takura a local deity that lived in a temple inside the Takura forest decided to found the city of Takurium to house refugees that where evading capture and death from the Astarts, as well has provide a better defense of the Takura forest and the Jamesos realm. 

The city was built by Zwoti Korkins who became majority population of the city. The city of Takurium also had Jamesians and Axerians living in it. Takurium became an independent city state and soon went on the offensive. The Takurians were successful in pushing the Astarts out of Axeria after the battles of Xartabana in 8,760BX and Ssasik in 7,976BX.

The City of Takurium was captured by the Astart empire in 7,534BX. The Astart military upgraded their equipment deploying heavy infantry and cavalry that can match those of the Takurians and can deploy them in bigger numbers.  
Astart infantry after the military reforms. These troops' equipment hasn't changed in 7500 years and are still used in Xerxesian Chronicles:Astarte's Challenge.

The city of Takurium after the Jamesians captured it during the events of Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda. The city of Takurium was destroyed around 25XY when the Astart experiment to create super soldiers resulted in the super soldiers going haywire and then destroyed the city. Takurium was not reoccupied afterwards because the Astart empire had a weakening economy and can not afford to rebuild a city that was right next to the Jamesian Kingdom. The ruins where then inhabited by monsters and Balatian mercenaries that where hired by Bardaiya. This stopped the Jamesians from taking over until the defeat of the Balatians at the Battle of Takurium ruins 35XY during the events of Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda. Takurium ruins were occupied and the city started to be rebuilt.

Takura, the Korkin deity that founded the city of Takurium sitting in her temple greeting Xerxes in Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge. (Page 9)

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