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Tuesday 2 August 2016

Artificial springs in the Jamesos Realm and Astarte's Curse

A Jamesian Magus using her magic to make a water spring.
Astarte's curse has turned the Jamesos Realm into the desert. This initially forced the Jamesians to live near natural springs and limited the Jamesians ability to farm crops and feed animals. The Jamesians then became reliable on it's allies (mostly Zarat) for food. However the Jamesians learnt that their is magic that can force water up when they saw that the rivers and lakes that feed into the Jamesos River suddenly stopped at the border. Some Jamesians were able to figure out that Astarte's curse forces the water underground and that the water was in large underground aquifers, so they used their magic to force the water though the ground and get to the surface where it is useful.
 A diagram showing how Astarte's curse effected the hydrology of the Jamesos Realm including how Astarte's magic is preventing rain clouds from forming or entering the Jamesos Realm.
The water being forced underground resulted in some underground rooms being flooded and the natural aquifers becoming enlarged. The Jamesians tried to make a magical water system that takes the water in these aquifers and spread it around the entire Jamesos Realm. Which was only possible after the defeat of Bardaiya and the capture of Lower Orodia and Axeria. This capture allowed for the Jamesians to complete their system and try to get around Astarte's curse by making springs burst up everywhere.
Springs sprouting up around the Jamesos Realm. The water that springs out of the ground is pure and well filtered, but it will take a while for the grass and trees to grow back and the sand might be too infertile to grow crops in. 

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