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Tuesday 12 July 2016

The Ectabana Palace.

The Ectabana Palace.

The Palace of Ectabana is the residence of King Darius and Princess Ato'ssa. It is quite small for a royal palace, this is because when Astarte turned the Jamesos Realm into a desert. She sent in a large army and the City of Ectabana only survived by the skin of its teeth. This attack destroyed the outer city. The ruins of the outer city were dismantled to use as ready source of building materials and to prevent future Astart attacks form taking cover in them.

The Ectabana Palace used to fill all of the space inside the city walls (the inner walls) but due to the First Attack on the city destroying most of the outer city the palace was downgraded in order to fit other houses and temples inside as well as show solidarity with the common people. 

A Cross Section of the Ectabana Palace. 
The first(ground) floor has the kitchen, the kitchen storage room and the dining room where most discussions take place. 
The second floor contains a bathing pool, the royal guard barracks and the royal guard supply room.
The third floor solely comprises of King Darius' bedroom where he keeps a statue of his dead wife Zyarya and 3 life sized adjustable figures (2 of Jamesians and one of a Ryuutu, all of adult females) that he hugs when no-one is looking.
The forth floor is divided into two rooms, Princess Ato'ssa's bedroom and the attic.  

King Darius , Princess Ato'ssa and Xerxes in the dining room. In the background there are bronze figures, these figures are of all the people of the Kambuzid family(current ruling dynasty of the Jamesians) who lived in the past.

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