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Tuesday 19 July 2016

Character profile: Miruki Hiyakan

Miruki sitting in her chariot.
Character info
Name : Miruki Hiyakan.
Race : Zyatu (Jamesosian spirit)
Age : unknown
Where she hatched : unknown
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Mirukium , Middle Orodia
Height : 190 cm
Weight : 78 kg

Miruki is a Zyatu who lives in Middle Orodia. She is a warrior who serves the Astart Empire but stays in Middle Orodia as part of the garrison force. She along with many Orodians were looking for the right time to rebel but the Astart Empire was too strong for it. However the The Astart empire suffered a defeat and lost Lower Orodia and Axeria to the Jamesians. So the Middle Orodians started to talk about rebelling but Miruki sees that the Astart empire is still too strong even for Orodian veterans to rebel against so she tries to get them to keep quiet.

Miruki interrupting a group of Orodians who where talking about their rebellion. Miruki says to them  "Keep it down but don't be too shady, The Astarts can't see descent in the loyal"
Or in the Original Anatropa.
"Fuka oparu hyetaha, dirukirua'et, kiika zhautitu fukaha mizhanrua'et Astartia"
Miruki wears Orodian Armour as this makes her blend in more with the locals. Miruki is an ancient spirit (Zyatu) and her origins are unknown. She moved to Middle Orodia after 200 years after the Astart conquest of Middle Orodia around 7315 BX.  She has fought for and against the Astart Empire and knows the strengths and weakness of the Astart Empire. She was able join the Astart garrison force by setting herself up as a mercenary which the Astarts use a lot of due to their loyalty to the highest bidder, usually the Astart empire itself. Miruki's plan of faux Orodian loyalty to get enough Orodians in the garrison forces to overthrow the Astarts and their mercenaries is working so far, but this is a one shot trick that needs to succeed when it finally starts. Miruki and her inner circle need to time this right.
Miruki taking a dust bath. Some Jamesosian cultures take dust baths, this is a relic of prehistoric Jamesianoids who used to clean themselves this way. However it does make her clothes dirty. She likes to take dust baths and really get into it, rubbing her back into the dirt and crating a mini sandstorms with her body. This behavior is seen as unusual to the locals who only bathe in water to clean themselves.  Miruki like all Jamesianoids have retractable claws on the hands, but the feet claws are not. Miruki likes to go to the Jamesian desert to do this but due to the resent Jamesian conquest of the area she has to build a sand pit in a shed to do take her dust baths. As going to Jamesian controlled areas could get her killed, or make the Astarts suspicious.

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