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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Xerxesian Chronicles Introduction.

Introduction to Xerxesian Chronicles.
Xerxesian Chronicles is a fantasy comic set in the fictitious land known as the Jamesos Realm. The Jamesos Realm was a nice green land until the great goddess Astarte turned it into a desert. 100 lifespans later and the Jamesos Realm is still a dry desert except for many natural and magically generated springs where towns and farms are located. The Astart Empire is waning and a great and promising warrior , a knight of Ahura-Mazda called Xerxes has been chosen by the Jamesian command to get the Sword of Ahura-Mazda Kill Astarte and bring the green back to the Jamesos Realm.

Xerxesian Chronicles : The Sword of Ahura-Mazda.
Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda is the first comic I made. It is about an experienced warrior named Xerxes going on the Quest to get the sword of Ahura-Mazda to defeat Astarte, but before he can fight Astarte , he must find and defeat Bardaiya, an Astart Lord that has hidden himself in the desert sands where he sends in forces of monsters and mercenaries to try to stop him form grabbing the Bardaiya Tablet, which will reveal his location and make it so that Xerxes can find and defeat him.

Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge.
(First pages will become available sometime around July 2016)
Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge is the sequel of The Sword of Ahura-Mazda, set 2 months 
after Xerxes defeats Bardaiya. Xerxes and Astarte fight each other but Xerxes is defeated. Astarte then decides to steal nine tenths of Xerxes' soul and use them to spawn monsters and power up her allies in the Jamesos realm. Xerxes wakes up and finding out that he cannot even lift his friend off him and after finding out that his soul is in pieces. Xerxes now goes on a mission to collect all pieces of his soul and destroy Astarte once and for all.

I'll be showing you pictures and profiles of the Characters of Xerxesian Chronicles and the World of Xerxesian Chronicles later on but this is a basic introduction to Xerxesian Chronicles.

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