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Saturday, 9 July 2016

Character profile: Xer-Xer Achemyeniz

Character info
Name : Xer-Xer Achemyeniz.
Race : Jamesian Ssatrotu (Anatrotu and Ssatu hybrid).
Age : 38 Jamesosian years (119 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where she hatched : Hikari , Jamesos Realm
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Hikari , Jamesos Realm
Height : 221 cm
Weight : 210 kg

Xer-Xer is the older sister of Xerxes and the oldest child of Harpeijis and Tyettuta(Xerxes' and Xer-Xer's father and mother). She had lived with Xerxes while he was young. She is not the only sibling of Xerxes but she is the only sibling that Xerxes knew growing up before he left for the Jamesian Army (where he was selected to become a knight of Ahura-Mazda) before is two younger brothers and one little sister were hatched.

Xer-Xer knuckling Xerxes' head. Xerxes didn't like this when he was little. He sometimes gets back at her by pulling her ears when she is sleeping.
Xer-Xer is 3 Jamesian Years older (Or 9 earth years) then Xerxes. Xer-Xer helped her mother look after the infantile Xerxes and she taught Xerxes what she learnt from Tyettuta, but she still played with and annoyed her little growing brother often. Usually by grabbing him and knuckling his head but she was never too rough with him. Xerxes often saw Xer-Xer as another mother due to the amount of time he spent with her. 

Harpeijis and Tyettuta , Xerxes and Xer-Xer's parents.
Xerxes and Xer-Xer's parents were Harpeijis a Knight of Ahura-Mazda who was well known for finding and killing Astart spies and foiling Astarte's plans to create super soldiers by wiping them out. Tyettuta is a Ssatrotu, a crossbreed of Anatrotu and Ssatu. When Anatrotu and Ssatu have children , the Ssatrotu offspring were often bigger then their parents. However when a Ssatrotu and a Anatrotu have kids, most of them will be Ssatrotu like Xer-Xer, but some will be Anatrotu like Xerxes.
Astarte has captured Xer-Xer in a currently unknown area. Astarte is holding some unknown crystal. The two modified Jamesianoids in the tubes seem to be Astarte's new weapon.

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