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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Polishing Up the First Pages

The First Page of Xerxesian Chronicles doesn't look that good. It's not up to the standards I set for the comic's artwork. I know...

Much better.

I was looking at my first pages and saw that they had problems. So I decided to fix them by correcting simple mistakes (like the hands fists and er.. cleavage) and redrawing parts that were beyond repair. Adding texturing to stone , sand and metallic objects and making the shading more pronounced. Also the amount of detail of the Comic's art style and the text size means that I can downsize the original pictures down to a size that is quicker for me to upload and easier for those who might have slower internet connections without making things to hard to see.

This what of most of the pages I drew so far look like quality wise, Although I do see some errors and will be fixing them on the week I publish those pages. 

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