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Monday, 27 June 2016

Character Profile: Chonzuka Niazhu

Name : Chonzuka Niazhu.
Race : Kawuzhu-Oxa.
Where she hatched out of her egg(Jamesianoids lay eggs): Niazhu.
Age : 47 Jamesosian years (148 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where she hatched : Niazhu, Kawuzhuka.
Height : 184 cm
Weight : 82 kg

Chonzuka is a rogue warrior who sneaks around the royal palace of Kawuzhu. She eavesdrops on the king and his officials and knows their plans. She knows the layout of the palace like the back of her hand. Astarte gave her a grapple point shooter and told her to kill Xerxes. She knows that a piece of Xerxes' soul is in the city. King Turalis also knows but doesn't want anyone to know about this and has ordered his inner circle to kill anyone who knows about it, but Chonzuka is very sneaky and can avoid being detected. She lives in a cave in the mountains near her hometown of Niazhu where she keeps her things, some of the things she has where stolen form the royal palace.
Chonzuka listening to King Turalis and one of his inner circle discussing an issue.

Chonzuka in a Bathhouse washing herself. Being clean helps in her stay undetected. She usually bathes when no one else is in the bathhouse. She is a lone wolf at heart. 

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