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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The Kingdom of Yusinzia

King Yunigzho walking out of the Royal Palace Mound with Astarte holding a piece of Xerxes' soul. The crowds are happy that they have a large empire helping them rebel against the Zaratians. The royal guards however are not so happy as they know that Xerxes will be with the Zaratians when they react. 

The Kingdom of Yusinzia (Land of the Yusi a Ssatu mythological being that is a Ssatu mythical eel.) The Kingdom was founded in 33,501BX(Before Xerxes) as a direct result of the collapse of the Aradrozian Empire. The Aradrozian Empire collapsed due to a civil war between the successors the the Aradrozian Kingdom. No-one won this civil war and Prince Koati became the first king of Yusinzia.

The Map of Yunsinzia and The Empire of Aradrozia at its greatest extent.
The Blue line is the Aradrozian empire at it's greatest extent in 34,213BX. The Blue zone is the Ssatu Kingdom of Mikuia/Mikuzia which has been around before the Aradrozian Empire.
The white zone is the Kingdom of Aradrozia after the collapse of the Aradrozian Empire.
The brown zone is the Kingdom of Yusinzia in 35XY(Xerxes Years) with the black line being the Kingdom of Yusinzia just after the collapse of the Aradrozia.
The green zones are territories lost after the collapse of the Empire of Aradrozia with the light green zones being lands lost to Oxa and the dark green being lands lost to Zaratians.

The city of Yusidziu, the capital city of the Yusinzian Kingdom.

The City of Yusidziu was founded in 34,605BX as a fort and supply base. The fort protected the Ssatu from the Rwiswi-Oxa who had no siege equipment. The outer walls around the city look like the mythical Yusi who's skeleton is the banner and flag of the Yusindzian Kingdom. The city is inhabited by Ssatu and Shata. The city has a population of 120,000 and has 2 rings of walls. It is located next to lake Yusi which is used as the city's water supply and the large tower allows the defenders to see over long distances.

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