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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

The Cty of Gilgamorium.

The City of Gilgamorium in 1,000BX (Before Xerxes) The city was inhabited by Jamesians , Zaratians , Ssatu and Shata. The city was ransacked by Lunarites during the Failed Lunarite Invasion of Zarat (823BX to 820BX). 

The city of Gilgamorium was founded by the Ssatu who called the settlement Giliga, which they founded in 34,600 BX after the Ssatu defeated the Rwiswi-Oxa and Chia-Oxa in the Ssatu Expansion War (34,610BX-34,591BX). Giliga started as a small lakeside town and was used as a supply base by the Empire of Aradrozia (34,624BX-33,501BX) to fight the southern Oxa Kingdoms of the Chiazhu-Oxa, Rwiswi-Oxa and the Riuka-Oxa. After the collapse of the Aradrozian Empire the town of Giliga became a part of Yusinzia until it the fall of the Katanian Empire. The fields nearby were the place where the Jamesians defeated a large katanian army in 18,431BX insuring the fall of the Katanian Empire. 
The Jamesians became interested in Gilgamorium lake and settled in the town of Giliga and quickly became the city of Gilgamorium which thrived even when the Jamesos Realm was turned into a desert by Astarte around 15,000BX.

Gilgamorium in 35XY (Xerxes Years) The current state of Gilgamorium was a result of the Failed Lunarite Invasion of Zarat. The city was ransacked in 820BX and was occupied of 2 years and 3 months. When the Zaratians liberated Katania, Aradrozia and Balatia from the Lunarites, the infuriated Lunarite lord decided to dismantle the city and attack the Zaratians where we was defeated at the Battle.

The city of Gilgamorium never truly recovered from this ransacking and dismantling. The city was now ruled by the ssatu Zigza dynasty and the city became a Ssatu majority city again. The Jamesians and the Zaratians still lived in the city in large numbers.

The Gilgamorium palace. The flag of Zarat is hanging above the city because of the Zaratians annexed the Kingdom of Gilgamorium in Zizhita(4th month out of 10) of 35XY during the events of Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Madza where the King Zigzhino joined the Zardonians and kicked all the Zaratians and anyone who is a child or partner out of the city.
They rebellious Zizhino and the Zardonians could not win against Xerxes , Tesipiz and Volkara.
A ssatu girl swimming with her kiuho (a dog that is just a wolf that has been bred to be friendly towards Jamesianoids). 

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