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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

The Nyahiksa, The Karutu's ancestors.

The inside of a Nyahiksa cave house in 32,789BX(Before Xerxes). The Nyahiksa exclusively lived in caves that they carved rooms into them. The three Nyahiksa in the left are playing a game that uses a board with holes in it for the pieces that fit in it (Buildings , terrain and figures). The game is called Kakodzikya (wood battle play in Karutu) where you start off with a town and had to build up your economy and troops and battle the other player. The game has many different factions (Nyahiksa , Balata-Oxa , Hiaza-Oxa and Garasyim) and you win if you captured the other players town of they ran out of economy points and lost their town to defection. The Karutu girl who is caving more pieces for the game while grilling some crayfish is one of the first Karutu in the entire Xerxesian world. The two eggs in the nest in the back are Jamesianoid eggs who's spots are the same color as the hatching's eyes.

The Nyahiksa are a Karakinian Type of Jamesianoid that lived between 40,200BX and 31,800 BX. They were similar to their cousins the Korkins who's leg fur evolved into hard scales to help with walking though thorny bushes and hard rocky terrain. The Nyahiksa lived in small mountain communities in caves that were made by the Nyahiksa themselves. The Nyahiksa had small hill farms of hill plants and small pools filled with fish and freshwater crustaceans. Horses , sheep , goats, chickens and cows were kept in stone enclosures. The average Nyahiksa town had around 7,000 people living in them.
A Nyahiksa warrior ambushing a Balata-Oxa swordsman by jumping over a mossy rock wall. The Nyahiksa used the bushes and the mountains to fight the Oxa using guerrilla warfare and were successful in defending inner Karuia from many invasions. They used their small wings to run fast and jump high which encourage. This is how the Nyahiksa fought their enemies until around 32,800BX When the Nyahiksa started to become the Karutu , the increased wealth from airborne trade with far away kingdoms that are willing to trade with these flying Karutu. 

The Age of the Nyahiksa came to an end in 31,800BX when all of the Nyahiksa population evolved into the Karutu. Some of the early Karutu still had scaly legs but because they were no longer walking though thorny bushes and hard sharp rocks. The scales faded away and became normal skin. Some Karutu had scaly legs until 29,820BX but after that no Karutu had scales.

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  1. Love your detail in your art man great job love the story!!!