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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Lake Gilgamorium

A Chiazhu-Oxa ship attacking a Ssatu ship in Lake Gilgamorium. The Ssatu and Oxa fought many battles on the water in order to gain control of the lake and use it to transport troops and supplies to anywhere in the lake.

Lake Gilgamorium (Gilgamoriumzwuu in Anatropa, Giligatoi in Ssatu and Zareigas in Oxa). Is a large lake in Zarat. The lake is around 370 kilometers(230 miles) wide and 60 meters(197 feet) at its deepest. It is fed by the Katania River from the west , the Zardonia River to the south and the Kawu River from the north. The Lake exits down the Great Jamesos River which exits in the Great Jamesos Sea.
The Lake has existed for 130,000 Years. It was originally settled by the now extinct Bronze-Age Xaoli Culture around 10,000BX(Before-Xerxes). 
The Proto-Oxa invaded and settled the in the area around Lake Gilgamorium around 60,000BX as a result of a large meteor strike that caused a mini ice-age and major environmental damage.

The Proto-Oxa became the Oxa around 50,000BX. The two tribes of the Gilgamorium lake are the Chia-Oxa and the Rwiswi-Oxa. In 34,600BX the Ssatu invaded from the north and founded the cities of Giliga and Yusindziu.

A Jamesian girl inspecting fishes, a Zaratian boy caught. These Jameso-Zaratian communities have existed since 18,430BX and have supplied the Zaratian Kingdom which started in 30,018BX.

The Zaratians do not have direct control of Gilgamorium Lake. While the Zaratians might have taken control of some towns if they rebelled , the lake is controlled by Vassal States like Gilga , Chiaka and Zara-Jamesia. The lake is used for quick transport , trade and for fishing. The Zaratians get some of the taxes that these vassals make.

This is a Zara-Tastsetu, a race of Tastsetu that live in Gilgamorium lake since 12,000BX. They are a result of isolation of a Tastsetu population caused by the desert curse the Astarte put on the Jamesos Realm. 

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