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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Queen Syakonnia of Garasyim

Queen Syakonnia of Garasyim on her throne with a piece of Xerxes' soul. Glad to have a part of an elite warrior's spirit which she believes will help her fight off the Karutu.

Queen Syakonnia hatched out of her egg in 10XY(Xerxes Years) in the city of Garasyim. She was apart of the Tsaagiri Dynasty which ruled the Garasyim Korkin Kingdom for 1,000 Years. She became Queen of Garasyim in 31XY after her mother Queen Myuinia died. She was one the youngest of six and was chosen because she could rule the Kingdom for the longest time and could get the most experience for it.

She like most if not all Garasyimian rulers is a part of the Korkin Priesthood which also includes the Korkin Stone Casters. This means that she can use stone caster magic. She also drinks the blood of Karutu and Hyaza-Oxa in blood drinking festival.

Syakonnia with her Black Armor Hoplites and Karutu trapped in stone.

When Syakonnia Became Queen, her allies the Astart empire had suffered a large defeat in the Ahrimaniom war (20XY-25XY) where the Astart empire tried to destroy the Jamesian Kingdom by invading Zwotia Province via Azagara in Zardonia. As well as the Axerian revolt (25XY) which almost destroyed the Astart Empire had Astarte not intervened. Syakonnia decided to put more pressure on the Karutu Kingdom and hopefully defeat it to stop them from supporting the Jamesians. 
Syakonnia was pleased when Astarte gave her a piece of Xerxes' Soul because she now had some of the power that Xerxes had and can now use new powers.

Syakonnia sending in her Black Armor Hoplites to deal with Xerxes. Even with a piece of Xerxes's soul in her possession, Syakonnia is wise enough to let her numerous servants deal with the Jamesian.  
 Syakonnia wishes to protect her Kingdom and her culture from the Karutu and Jamesians and will banish anyone who fails to protect the blood captives (The Karutu trapped in stone) with their lives or doesn't kill anyone who frees them(If they know who freed the blood captives or saw them). She also believes that Garasyim is important to Astarte as it stops the Karutu from attacking Astartia Valley where most of Astarte's western territories are.

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