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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Korkin Black Armor Hoplites

Queen Syakonnia inspecting her elite troops.
Black Armor Hoplites (Tama-ngatukosh Zwigzhongdzu (Tarminian(styled) Armoured Black Knights) in Korkin) are elite heavily armored troops used by the Garasyim Korkin Kingdom. The Garasyim korkins started to use hoplites around 20,162BX (Before Xerxes) after Zardonia was conquered by the Tarminians under Tarminius the Great. The Garasyim Korkins were allies of the Tarminian empire at the time. The Tarminians supplied the Korkins with surplus equipment from their defeated foes including other Tarminian City States and Kingdoms who had Tarminian inspired warriors.

The effectiveness of Tarminian Hoplites and Pikemen against the Zardonians as well as surplus Tarminian equipment made the Garasyim Korkins adopt Hoplites into their forces but only in small numbers due to the armor being expensive. This small force became the elite guard of the city of Garasyim and of the Royal Family.
Zwuku dressed as a Black Armor Hoplite showing the equipment in full.
The Garasyim Korkin Kingdom has 5,000 Black Armor Hoplites and are used mostly in defense due to the Karutu attacking them from the sky. Their role in battle was as an anvil but could easily be used as hammer smashing though the Hyaza-Oxa auxilia of the Karutu and the Zardonian infantry and cavalry. 

Black Metal is made with a steel alloy used by the Korkins for armor. It is harder then regular steel but is more brittle and therefore is not used for swords. The armor is around 30mm thick and weighs around 120kg. This armor can tank light ballista and cataput fire. The armor was made this heavy to stop dive-bombing Karutu (Armored karutu who charge land based warriors from the sky)as well as deal with the rocks and iron darts dropped by Karutu droppers(Low income karutu who cannot afford armor or good weapons who fight by dropping rocks which can be found everywhere).

The Black Armor Hoplites, Korkin Stone Casters and the mountainous terrain made the Garasyim Korkin Kingdom a dangerous force for the Karutu and Xerxes to face.

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  1. Love how you showed what the armor and weapons description!!