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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

The Karutu

The Evolution of the Karutu from the Karakin.
The Karutu are a Karakinian Type of Jamesianoid that lives in Karuia. The Karakinian Tribe known as a Kada-kashgyim who migrated to Karuia around 80,000 BX(Before Xerxes). Over time the Kada-Kashgyim evolved over the generations. The Proto-Karutu began to appear around 40,000BX after most of their territory was taken over by the Oxa. The Proto-Karutu were similar to the Korkins except for their yellow hair and cat ears on their heads.  
The Balata Oxa called these people Nyahiksa and saw them as cave dwelling barbarians. The Balata Oxa and Hiaza Oxa tried to conquer the Nyahiksa but the mountainous terrain prevented these Oxa kingdoms from conquering Karuia.
Around 32,000BX The Nyahiksa(Proto-Karutu) became the Karutu and their ability to fly made it easier to avoid the Oxa and allowing them to trade with the Kotalosians as well as the Katanian Anatrotu making the Karutu wealthier. Karutu society changed as they started to wear more clothes and armor became common on Karutu warriors.

The City of Karushin founded around 31,124BX and was the result of the increased wealth of the Karutu.
The Karutu lived in rock formations and in caves but when needed the Karutu built houses in Katanian style. As the Karutu built their cities and the population grew the Karutu were in a position to attack the Oxa and get their ancestral lands back. 
Karutu Warriors attacking. The Karutu used their wealth to make armor a common sight on Karutu warriors.
In 30,484BX , Myajadz was crowned King of the Karutu and shortly after invaded the Balata-Oxa conquering them quickly as the city of Balatos had no real anti-air defenses and it's walls were useless because the Karutu flew over them. After the Balata-Oxa where taken over, Myajadz turned his attention to the Hiaza Oxa and annexed North Hiaza in 30,481BX. These conquered Hiaza became the Hyaza due to the Karutu pronouncing ia as ya.

These conquests made Myajadz power hungry , driving him to invade Katania in 30,475BX during the Frist Satsuma war. The Karutu tried to conquer the Katanians but had met their match at the battle of Satsuma. 
This failure made the Karutu annoyed, so an invasion of the Oxa-cha was initiated but also ended in failure for Myajadz.
A Map of the Karutu empire in the Grater Jamesos Realm. 
The yellow area is the original territory the Karutu had in 31,124BX. 
The red area are lands the Karutu conquered and still possess in Xerxesian Chronicle: Astarte's Challenge (35XY(Xerxes Years)). 
The Brown area is lands the Karutu owned between 30,483BX to 20,015BX when it was annexed by the newly raising Katanian Empire.
The pink area is land known as Karukatania which was colonized by Karutu during the second Satsuma War in 29,240BX and was a part of the Karutu empire until the Katanian empire captured Karukatania in 20,016BX. 
Finally the blue area is land that the Karutu held for a short amount of time. The blue area near the city of Satsuma was the land the Karutu had taken during the First Satsuma War(30,475BX-30,470BX). The blue area around Garasyim was conquered around 12,685BX when the Zardonians defeated the Astart empire and drove them out of Korkeria, The Karutu conquered Garasyim as it was an ally of the Astart empire. The Karutu lost these lands to a Garasyim Korkin rebellion aided by the Astart empire in 12,519BX after the Zardonians where defeated by said empire.

A Karutu of Karukatania sitting next to a fire patting a Kiuho(Valwuu in Karutu) a breed of domesticated dog that is practically a Jamesianoid friendly version a wolf.
Karutu houses where ether carved out rock formations or built in the Katanian style as seen to the right.

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