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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

The Battle of Utyayan.

The Battle of Utyayan (35XY (Xerxes Years))where the Jamesians and Harratans successfully defended Utyayan smallholdings in east Harrata.

The Astart empire invaded Harrata shortly after the defeat at Kinos where Xerxes' soul was split and nine tenths where taken by Astarte. Astarte wanted to conquer Harrata in order to attack the Jamesians from the north pressuring them to react to the attack, allowing her to recapture Lower Orodia and Axeria.

The Astart invasion force was lead by a Ryuutu lord called Kyupidzu who use to live on the same Island as Astarte and is friends with her. Which resulted in him obtaining governorship of Middle Orodia as well as it's armies. The attacking force was 60,000 strong which was considered to be more then enough to overwhelm the small Harratan military of 30,000 warriors.

Harratan scouts got word on this and Queen Hiyana requested help from the Jamesians. King Darius gave her Xerxes and 30,000 Troops which would help the Harratans defend their Northen flank from the Astart aggression. 

The Jamesians and Harratans occupied a large group of smallholdings surrounded by tress and simple fortifications. The Astarts decided to assault the ramparts using their Ryuutu mercenaries to take out the defenders.
The Ryuutu mercenaries where lightly armored and relied on their speed and their ability to fly to gain advantage over their adversaries. However the forests surrounding the Utyayan smallholdings made it impossible for the ryuutu fliers to dive charge or to drop rocks on the defenders as the trees blocked and decelerated the stones that the ryuutu tried bombing the Jamesians and Harratans with.

After the Ryuutu were driven off, the main Astart force attacked but the Jamesian and Harratan infantry quickly sallied out and counter-charged the Astart soldiers. This surprised the Astart forces as the Astarts thought that this was the defenders acting big. Contrary to their beliefs, this allowed the Jamesian and Harratan archers to fire over their own troops and even at Astart fighters that where fighting on the ring road. The elevation difference and the distance allowed this, because it's not that hard for professional Jamesian archers to aim and hit the unarmored parts of Astarts from such a close distance.

After half and hour of fighting, the ryuutu scouts who tried to find a weak spot in the defense discovered that the Harratans were supported by a Jamesian force as big as the Harratan one. Kyupidzu realizing that he could not storm Utyayan's fortifications without heavy loses ordered a retreat.

The Astarts lost about 700 troops while the Jamesians and Harratans lost around 200, most fatalities were caused by Jamesian archers shooting into the retreating Astart infantry and from the inferior unarmored Astart archers getting shredded by the comparatively superior Jamesian archers.

Kyupidzu quickly built a fort near Utyayan and will probably wait for reinforcements or to set up artillery in the form of catapults and ballista to lay siege to the fortified wall surrounding the smallholdings of Utyayan. The Harratans and the Jamesian Kingdom has brought themselves some time but not for long.

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