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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Necromancy in the Greater Jamesos Realm

Shuumen using his magic to raise the dead. Their rotten dirt covered corpses will lose most of their decomposition as the magic will heal their bodies.

Necromancy in the Greater Jamesos Realm is limited to the Orodian Mountain range that is in the north. The necromancers are usually Oxa or Haapitu and the zombies and skeletons that they use are mostly Oxa and Haapitu due to the location housing a large number of exiles. The barren dry inner areas in the middle of the alpine ranges means that most exiles will die of ether starvation , dehydration or will be killed by the hostile local spirits.
Necromancers are exiles who have not only survived the harsh conditions but have discovered ways to raise and control the unfortunate fallen exiles. This makes them powerful and the necromancers control of the deceased gains them respect by the spirits.

Three types of zombie troops commonly used by necromancers in the Orodian Mountain Range, an unarmored spear warrior used as cannon fodder(left), a cheap version of the Haapitu wing-blade warrior with talon shoes and rusted blades attached to their wings(middle) and the rapped in black cloth slasher troops , the shock troops of the undead armies who have sharp metal claws and sometimes use spiky ball on chain(right).

The undead troops are poorly equipped due to the lack of proper industry in the regions controlled by the necromancers. However zombies are very durable and can take more damage then when they were alive. The Zombies cannot rebel and will always follow the will of the necromancer, but in the case that their commanding necromancer is killed , the undead will become feral where they'll act like animals relying only on their instincts and not following any social norms.

Skeletons are also used, not only by necromancers but also by Astarte. These walking pile of bones are very brittle and cannot heal them selves and can be easily smashed and destroyed.

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