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Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Chonzuka Sneaking Around the Kawuzhu Royal Palace

Chonzuka being found out when she pretended to be a harem girl by painting herself gold.
The Harem girls of King Turalis see the impostor as a rat trying to get the best food without being with the King.

Chonzuka has been sneaking around the Kawuzhu Royal Palace for most of her adult life. She initially painted her self gold and pretended to be a harem girl. This worked at first as the guards and the Kings inner circle are not familiar with the individual harem girls. She used her disguise to get free food but she was inevitably found out by the Harem and was chased out of the Royal Palace. Despite this she had managed to explore most of the Palace and could now move around without anyone detecting her.
Chonzuka ambushing and Killing Koros to remove anyone who new of the spiritual artifact (Xerxes' Soul Piece) so she can have the Power Astarte promised her.

Chonzuka stealthily traversed the interior and exterior of the Palace and stole scraps and inconsequential objects and usually kept them for herself while any information she acquired was sold for money to the rivals of the King and his heirs. Using her knowledge of the rooms and when they were occupied to keep herself out of trouble.
Astarte however saw and caught Chonzuka and told her she can have great power if she killed Xerxes. She agreed seeing an opportunity to put herself in a better position that didn't require her to be hidden for large amounts of time.

A defeated Chonzuka siding with Xerxes after he spared her life.

Chonzuka approached Xerxes and battled him but was soundly defeated when she was stabbed and pushed over causing her head to collide the hard stone path. When she told everything she knew about Astarte she was expecting Xerxes to kill her. Chonzuka had remembered what the harem girls said to her when they exiled her
 "You food rat! Get out and if we see you, we'll kill and feed you to the King"
 or in the original Kawuzhu Oxa 
"Kas ki ngaim tri! Wela, Ba-nyen, Kas zia, kas ki kaksa gem-nyu!"
She was surprised by Xerxes' mercy and decided to side with him and lead him to King Turalis without encountering any more resistance.

Chonzuka in her cave house in the Niazhu valley where she stores her stuff and sleeps may objects she has in her cave are stolen from the Royal Palace often junk like the old pillows or small objects like the jars next to the vases.

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