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Tuesday, 20 September 2016

The Oxa of the Greater Jamesos Realm.

The Different Races of the Oxa type of Jamesianoid that live in the Greater Jamesos Realm , including the two types of Jamesianoids who are closely related to the Oxa , The Ryuutu and the Haapitu.

The Oxa are a type of Jamesianoid who live in the Greater Jamesos Realm. They one of the oldest types and are indigenous to the areas they live in.
The Oxa descended from the Proto-Oxa around 50,000BX and the Haapitu and Ryuutu diverged from the Oxa around 40,000BX. The Oxa used to live throughout most of the Greater Jamesos Realm but they lost most of their territory around 31,000BX when large groups of Anatrotu invaded and took over most of their lands. Many Oxa tribes and races disappeared as a result of the Anatrotu invasions. However some Oxa tribes and their cousins the Haapitu and the Ryuutu survived the Anatrotu invasions, the picture above shows Oxa races that are still alive.

The Kawuzhu Oxa live in the foothills of the Orodian mountains.  They lived in the city of Kawuzhu (hill-city in Oxa) The city of Kawuzhu was founded around 34,500BX as a reaction to the expanding Ssatu Kingdoms after the Ssatu defeated the Rwiswi-Oxa around 34,550BX. The Ssatu also made the Chia-Oxa build the city of Chiazhu (Grass-city) shortly after. and the Balata-Oxa also followed suit as the need for good fortifications urbanized the Oxa populations.

The Haapitu and Ryuutu however, had started to build cities a lot earlier around 38,000BX soon after they grew wings big enough for them to fly. While the Haapitu stayed in one place the Ryuutu flew over the Great Jamesos Sea to colonize many islands. They had an alphabet while their Oxa cousins still used pictographs.

Hyaza-Oxa are Hiaza-Oxa who have been conquered by the Karutu in 30,841BX and have integrated into Karutu culture, speaking Karutu and wearing Karutu clothes, but still wore tattoos on their bodies. The Oxa wear tattoos has they can show who you are even when you wear nothing(Not like the Oxa wear that much to begin with), The name Oxa means tattooed people as they where the only Greater Jamesosian Culture group to have Tattoos.
The spread of all the Oxa races that are still alive in the Greater Jamesos Realm in 35XY. The closely related Haapitu and Ryuutu who have lost little to no territory as the mountainous terrain made it hard to invade.

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