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Tuesday, 27 September 2016

The City of Kawuzhu.

Xerxes inside the city of Kawuzhu on page 30 of Xerxesian Chronicles : Astarte's Challenge.
The Oxa city of Kawuzhu is the capital city of Kawuzhuka an Oxa kingdom just west of Harrata.

The citizens of Kawuzhu are not hostile to Xerxes but the King and his inner circles are. The Kawuzhu used to have control over Harrata between 14,400BX and 7,501BX before the Astarts conquered Harrata. The Astarts were driven out by Jamesian aided Harratan resistance around 7,188BX

The Harratans see the Kawuzhu as aggressors similar to how they see the Jamesians and for the same reasons. But the Kawuzhu have been far more aggressive to the Ssatu Kingdoms of Yusinzia , Giligazia and Aradrozia as well as the Zaratians who are either the allies or have the kingdoms of Giligazia and Yusinzia as vassal states. 
The Oxa city of Kawuzhu was founded around 34,500BX as a result of Ssatu expansionism that had resulted in Northen Zarat and Yusindzia being conquered by the Ssatu.

The Ssatu used to have to pay tribute to the Rwiswi-Oxa , a nomadic population who terrorized the Ssatu if they didn't pay the Rwiswi their protection money, the Ssatu Kingdom of Aradrozia decided to take on the Rwiswi by targeting their nomad camps and setting up ambushes. When the Ssatu defeated the Rwiswi, they went on the offensive taking out any Oxa camp or settlement that got in their way.

The Oxa started to live in forts that the tribal chiefs used to live in to fend off the Ssatu but it was soon made clear that stone walled cities where needed as the tribal towns got destoyed by Ssatu  liquid fire as it sticked and burned the wooden walls. Some became large cites because of this. One of which was Kawuzhu, where most of the Kawu-Oxa migrated to, becoming the Kawuzhu-Oxa.

The city of Kawuzhu in it's early years held a population of 65,000 allowing the Kawuzhu to build forces big enough to take on the Ssatu.
The Oxa regained some territory back but were never able to take out the Ssatu. This with the Annatrotu invasions meant that the Kawuzhu-Oxa, while they'll let people visit there cities, The Kawuzhu royals do not like having non-Oxa live in their lands as they feel like it's stealth expansionism. 
The City of Kawuzhu in 35XY(Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge) contains somewhere near 130,000 people.

An Oxa cavalry warrior (left) and a Ssatu mounted fighter (right) battling in a river near Misiyen as the Kawuzhu-oxa fight to reclaim lost land in the Ssatu-Misiyen wars 34,000BX to 32,000BX

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