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Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Jameso-Harratan Conflicts.

King Darius fighting King Kogyokius at Ororyura, one of the many times the Jamesians and Harratans have battled.

The Jamesians and Harratans have been fighting each other for years. Many Harratan kings and queens have tried to reconquer the lost territories to the south(Pashi and Kiridium used to be owned by the Harratans).  The Harratans and the Jamesians first battled each other at the Battle of Kwortix in 30,008BX. The Harratans and Jamesians first battled over who should get to control the Temple of Ahura-Mazda grounds. King Sesratiz of Harrata invaded Jamesia to gain an advantage however his attempts where easily thwarted by the Jamesians and their Zwoti Korkin allies. He continued to battle the Jamesians for a year before being killed trying to defend the Temple of Ahura-Mazda after he captured it. The Jamesians punished the Harratans by keeping all their lost territory, leaving the battered and humiliated Harratans with just Yokomeium and Eskimonos.
The Jamesos Realm in 30,008BX with the Jamesia(red) , Zwotinyi(cyan), The Temple of Ahura-Mazda grounds(purple) and Harrata(Orange) with the Orange-red strips representing territory that the Harratans lost (Or that the Jamesians gained) after the defeat of King Sesratiz after the battle of the Temple in 30,007BX.

Heavily ashamed at their losses many Harratans fled to north Harrata while the remaining Harratans integrated and interbred with the Jamesians until they had become Jamesian themselves. The Harratans invaded the Jamesian Kingdom whenever it was in trouble like in 19,969BX when the Katanian empire took over the western half of the Jamesos Realm or in 15,000BX when Astarte turned the Jamesos Realm into a desert.

King Kogyokius with his wife Queen Kizhamya proclaiming that South Harrata will be theirs once again. In a speech he made before invading the Jamesian Kingdom.

The Jamesian reaction.

The Jamesians never annexed North Harrata even when they had conquered it many times. Often leaving a puppet ruler(most cases) or a ruler that wasn't anti-Jamesian(In the case of Queen Hiyana) in command. The Jamesians didn't see Harrata as important and saw it as an annoying kingdom that needed to put in it's place every so often.

Queen Hiyana of Harrata, the benefits of friendship and the stubbornness of shame.

Queen Hiyana happy to see Xerxes and the Jamesians.

Queen Hiyana was made Queen of Harrata by King Darius after the death of King Kogyokius by Darius hand after the Battle of Ororyura in 15BX. Hiyana was made queen because she doesn't hate the Jamesians.

Queen Hiyana wanted an alliance with the Jamesians seeing that they are better then the Astarts who don't care about Harratan Independence as the Astart Empire conquered Harrata around 7,400BX and it was the Jamesians who helped to liberate Harrata. Hiyana knows this and with another Astart invasion she believes that the Harratans will get over their soreness of defeat, however many still don't.
Queen Hiyana fighting off an assassin she has practiced her fighting skill and can defend herself from people who want her dead.

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