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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

The City of Kinos

The center City of Kinos before it was a ruin. 
The Ruins of Kinos was where the Battle of Kinos took place between the Astarts and Jamesians. The City was an Ahrimanian colony founded on a small natural spring around 30,000 BX during the colonial age (30,500BX-29,500 BX). The Ahrimanians had many technologies such as hand powered hand carts running on wooden rails and water pumps making them more advanced then the locals and the Arastratan(Pre-Astarte Astart) colonial rivals. 

The city was apart of the Makkabian Kingdom.
The City survived the Jameso-Makkabian war (29,995-29,992 BX) due to it surrendering on the condition the city would not be destroyed, unlike Makkabium which was utterly trashed. This allowed the city to sell it's technologies to the Jamesians. Technologies such as the water pumps and plumbing were adopted by the Jamesians. The rail network outside the cities however, were disassembled. This was because the rails where easily damaged due to them being made of wood and they could be easily blocked by bricks and large rocks which an ox cart or a chariot could simply walk around. The Jamesians preferred the flexibility of the simpler method of transport. 
The ruins of the central building where Astarte defeated Xerxes and took 9 10ths of his soul.

The city of Kinos was not destroyed in a sacking, it withered away slowly when Astarte turned the Jamesos Realm into a desert in 14,965 BX. The natural spring was not big enough to support a city of 45,000 people and the desert made farming impossible. This forced the residents to buy food from Nozzorium on the coast.  The occupants found it easier to get food by moving to Nozzorium and the city became abandoned around 14,102 BX with only small shrines found in the ruins. The ruins were going to be the foundation for an Astart fort after the defeat of Bardaiya in the events of Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda but the Jamesians stopped the Astart advance at the battle of Kinos and forced them back into the cities of Nozzorium and Nippo-Reigius.

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