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Friday, 24 June 2016

Races of the Jamesos Realm

The Races of Jamesianoids that Xerxes will encounter in Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge.

The Greater Jamesos Realm is home to many races of Jamesianoids. What are Jamesianoids you ask. Jamesianoids are a fictitious humanoid spices that live on the planet that Xerxesian Chronicles is set in. They are an egg laying spices that comes in many types, races and variations. Races of Jamesianoids like Jamesians , Zaratians and Astarts are different races of a type. While types of Jamesianoid are more like sub-spices a.k.a the difference between a Ryuutu and a Korkin (One has wings the other has snakes growing out of their heads). Variations of Jamesianoid types are minor physical differences like what kind of ears they have. As you can see in the top picture many of the Jamesianoids have cat ears on their head, this is a variation on most types of Jamesianoid except for Ssatu and Karutu who only have one ear variation.

Jamesianoid races by type.
Anatrotu are the most common and the most diverse.
Jamesians , Zaratians , Axerians , Astarts , Harratans , Orodians , Zardonians and Ahrimanians.
Korkins and Karutu are different types with the same common ancestor  which is the Karakin.
Oxa , Haapitu and Ryuutu also have the same common ancestor, the Proto-Oxa and are also different types.

A Korkin Woman and her daughter.
Female Jamesianoids lay eggs every 9 to 45 days depending on how well fed they are. If the egg is fertilized then it will take the embryo the same amount of time to develop. So if a Jamesianoid girl lays eggs every 9 days then it will take 9 days for the embryo to develop and then hatch out of its egg.
Jamesianoids take 20 earth years(6 Jamesosian years) to fully mature. They have a quick 3 year puberty and female Jamesianoids don't start laying eggs until they're fully mature.  

A map showing the spread of the different races of Jamesianoids. The Astart and Ahrimanian populations in the Greater Jamesos Realm are Colonial.
Jamesianoids usually hang out and live with members of their own race as immigration to other lands is uncommon and other Jamesianoid cultures might be too different for their tastes.

Although their are many exceptions to the rule like this Zaratian dude and his Ssatu and Shata girlfriends.
There are Jamesianoids who don't like other Jamesianoid races like these Harratans not wanting to talk to Xerxes, a Jamesian.

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