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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Character Profile: Tesipiz Ryachwi

Character info
Name : Tesipiz Ryachwi.
Race : Jamesian Anatrotu.
Age : 28 Jamesosian years (88 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where he hatched : Pashi , Jamesos Realm
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Pashi , Jamesos Realm
Height : 196 cm
Weight : 93 kg

Tesipiz is a knight of Ahura-Mazda. While not as skilled as Xerxes, he is one sent to get Xerxes to obtain the Sword of Ahura-Mazda in Xerxesian Chronicles: The Sword of Ahura-Mazda. He likes explosions and is skilled in the use of bombs which are crude and primitive fragmentation grenades made of a clay pot with filled with gunpowder and broken bits of pottery, glass and sometimes slag and metal shards. Tesipiz also likes Korkin girls , statues and figurines. When he sees a statue or a figurine he wants to touch it or handle it. This can annoy other people as many Jamesic cultures use statues and figurines as gravestones and people just don't like people touching their stuff. Tesipiz is not as mission focused compered Xerxes and is more relaxed with the mission, wanting to relax or talk to people as apposed to push forward like Xerxes.

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