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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Character Profile: Queen Hiyana Ahurami

Queen Hiyana Becoming a queen after the Harratans lost the Battle of Ororyura in 15 BX

Character info
Name : Hiyana Ahurami.
Race : Harratan Anatrotu.
Age : 88 Jamesosian years (276 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where she hatched : Yokomeium , Harrata
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Yokomeium , Harrata
Height : 189 cm
Weight : 88 kg

Hiyana was a governor of the city of Eskimonos and she was a very competent at her job. She grew up with the same anti-Jamesian propaganda that most Harratans grew up with but she stopped believing it when she saw that the Jamesians didn't invade Harrata unless the Harratans attacked the Jamesians. To her this meant the Jamesians didn't want to destroy the Harratans. She tried to tell other Harratans and some believed her when she showed them the facts. However most Harratans thought that she was a "Jamesophile" but she was not. 

Her succession of the Harratan Crown:
Queen Harrata became queen after the Death of King Kogyokius and the Harratan surrender. As a part of the defeat treaty , King Darius was able to choose the next sovereign of Harrata. Hiyana was summoned to the capital city of Yokomeium so that Darius can see the candidates in person.
King Darius chose Hiyana over all of King Kogyokius' relatives and his advisers because she was not Anti-Jamesian and she had no reason for revenge, unlike the royal family who have obvious reasons for revenge.

 Queen Hiyana putting on her armor to help protect herself from assassins.

Division of the Harratans:
Queen Hiyana knew that the royal family of Kogyokius would now allow her to be queen for long, So she started to train her combat skills and started to wear an Oxa "Metal Lizard" suit, a bodysuit of gamberson padding covered in scale-mail armor under her clothes. She also surrounded her self with guards who are loyal to her and have the same views as her. As the royal family plotted to have her assassinated, however all the assassination attempts failed. Some of the royal family stated a underground rebel faction called the New Harratan Kingdom.

Astart Invasion:
In 35 XY (Xerxes Years) The Astart Empire after losing Lower Orodia and Axeria to the Jamesians wanted to flank the Jamesians so they decided to invade Harrata. Queen Hiyana knew that this would happen so she sent for Jamesian Help , King Darius then deployed 30,000 troops to reinforce the Harratan forces and support their defence of Harrata from the Astart Empire. Hiyana also knew that this would be the best time to forge an alliance with the Jamesians.
Queen Hiyana happy to see the Jamesian reinforcements and Xerxes with her armor underneath her cloths .

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