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Saturday, 4 June 2016

Character Profile: King Darius Kambuziz

King Darius Fighting Harratans at Ororyura
King Darius of the Jamesos realm fighting Harratans at the battle of Ororyura in Harrata , 50 Jamesian years before Xerxesian Chronicles.

Character info
Name : Darius Kambuziz.
Race : Jamesian Anatrotu.
Age : 76 Jamesosian years (238 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where he hatched : Ectabana , Jamesos Realm
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Ectabana , Jamesos Realm
Height : 193 cm
Weight : 95 kg

Darius is the King of the Jamesos Realm at the time of Xerxesian Chronicles. Earlier in his life he batted the Harratans and fought many battles against the Astarts in order to drive them out of the Jamesos Realm. His wife , Queen Zyarya Himyas was killed by the Astarts at the Battle of Hekuium. This made Darius a lot more cautious to fight in Battles as he did not want his Daughter Ato'ssa to be orphaned. King Darius then spent most of his time in Ectabana commanding people to fight his battles for him. When Xerxes was younger he saved his daughter from being corrupted by the Ahrimoniom. For this , Darius gave Xerxes a hollowed out tree for a house and had him stationed in Ectabana in order to protect him and his beloved daughter Ato'ssa. Darius allows Ato'ssa to go to Xerxes' House and snuggle up to him as he feels that his daughter is safe when she is near him

It is common for Xerxes to have dinner with King Darius and Princess Ato'ssa.

The Harratans Distaste of Jamesians:

The Harratans have a distaste for Jamesians because the Harratans lost their southern lands to the Jamesians. While the Harratans did cause the war which resulted in south Harrata being annexed by the Jamesians. The Harratans still blame the Jamesians for their losses and will fight them whenever they feel they can defeat the Jamesians.
Some Harratans have such a distaste for Jamesians, that they don't even want to talk to them.

The Battle of Ororyura:
The Battle of Ororyura happened at Ororyura plains near Yokomeium, the capital city of Harrata in 15 BX (Before Xerxes). King Kogyokius of Harrata with the backing of the Astart empire invaded the Jamesos Realm. King Darius decided to Attack Yokomeium as apposed to fight King Kogyokius. This forced King Kogyokius to retreat back to defend Yokomeium. When this happened King Darius retreated to the Ororyura plains where he can use his heavy cavalry and chariots more efficiently.
King Kogyokius wanted to defeat the Jamesians to reconquer south Harrata so he foolishly fought Darius. Darius defeated and killed Kogyokius and marched on to Yokomeium with this message.
"If Harrata Surrenders you can keep your Independence or else I'll conquer all of Harrata"
Although being an Anatrotu , King Darius would of said this in Annatropa as.
"Muu Harrata ma-ayau muu, Harrata araru nuu, Harrata-naru kuyaru Ara-Darius"
The Harratans surrendered and King Darius installed Queen Hiyana as the new queen of Harrata as she was not an Anti-Jamesian activist. 

Queen Hiyana likes the Jamesians as she believes that Harrata will benefit from being allies to the Jamesians and that the Harratans should get over their defeats and own up to their own mistakes.

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