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Sunday, 29 May 2016

Character Profile: Princess Ato'ssa Kambuziz

Character info
Name : Ato'ssa Kambuziz.
Race : Jamesian Anatrotu.
Age : 49 Jamesosian years (153 earth years) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where she hatched : Ectabana , Jamesos Realm
Location of Residence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Ectabana , Jamesos Realm
Height : 192 cm
Weight : 85 kg

Princess Ato'ssa is the daughter of King Darius, the current king of the Jamesos Realm during the time of Xerxesian Chronicles. Ato'ssa likes Xerxes and Ato'ssa and Xerxes are good friends. However Ato'ssa wants to take the relationship to the next level but Xerxes doesn't want to because he is afraid that she might be killed like Xerxes' last two girlfriends Keiozia and Adgilia. Ato'ssa can be annoying to Xerxes but they are still good friends and they hang out with each other. Ato'ssa likes to be with Xerxes and will sneak into his house and cuddle up to him. When Xerxes finds Ato'ssa cuddling up to him , he just pushes her off his bed or sets up decoys so she cuddles up to them. When Xerxes touches Ato'ssa for any reason , it makes her happy.

The City of Ectabana , The Capital city of the Jamesian Kingdom. 
Where Xerxes , Princess Ato'ssa and King Darius live.

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