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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

King Zhinraniz Konyegh

King Zhinraniz when he just became king in 5XY(Xerxes Years). When a Karutu Kingdom (Kashgyimzii (Karutu Cloud King('s Land) in Karutu.) gets a new monarch, all the provinces of the Karutu Kingdom send a person wearing Karutu clothing bringing gifts related to their culture. This shows that the provinces are a part of the Karutu Kingdom despite any differences they have. As well as demonstrating Karutu authority over them. The two girls are a Hyaza-Oxa(left) and a Balata-Oxa (right).

King Zhinraniz Konyegh is the first member of the Konyegh family to get the throne of the Karutu Kingdom. He hatched out of his egg in 33BX(Before Xerxes). He is the oldest child and currently has five siblings. Zhaagwi is the second oldest child and still lives with her older brother as a Karutu Royal Guard Commander.  
Zhaagwi , King Zhinraniz's sister greeting Xerxes on Page 54 of Xerxesian Chronicles: Astarte's Challenge. The Karutu are allies of the Jamesians and know about Xerxes because of King Darius of the Jamesos Realm and King Zhinraniz of the Karutu Kingdom talk to each other using magic image crystals.

Zhinraniz was a magic image crystal maker before he was king. Magic image crystals (Zhinre in Karutu) can record images and can transmit them to other image crystals that are connected to it. This makes talking to allies a lot quicker and safer then messengers that could be intercepted and killed.
Zhaagwi and Zhinraniz looking observing Xerxes who is a the Karutu-Balatia boarder. Zhinraniz uses image crystals as surveillance cameras. He makes most of these himself because how expensive these crystal currently are due to the amount of magic skill you need to make a crystal magical. Zhinraniz making these himself takes out the service costs and makes them cheap.
He used these crystals to get into power by finding out any weaknesses his rivals had and was able to succeed over Queen Kadazhebi's own children who had little interest in the serious job of running a nation and only wanted the privileges for being a monarch.

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