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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Korkin Stone Casters

An Elite Korkin Stone Caster using her stone magic to make a Karutu fall out of the sky. The Hyaza Oxa warrior is trying not to get trapped in stone.

Korkins have mastered the magical art of stone casting known as Meiktson in Korkin , Mouchon in Oxa and Womaji in Anatropa. This magic involves the manipulation of spirit mass and spirit energy to convert it to conventional mass and energy. This practice has started in the Early Korkin Period (40,000 BX (Before Xerxes) to 36,000BX). Initially it was used for patch work of buildings and roads. The Korkin stone casters were magical masons during this period. 

This changed however with the Korkin Kingdoms expansionist behavior during the Middle Korkin Period (36,000BX-32,920BX) Where the rocks made by these magic masons were utilized for military use as these boulders could damage and destroy the walls of their enemies. However more sinister uses of this magic arose.
A Korkin Stone Caster biting in to a Karutu and drinking her blood. The Korkins started to capture jamesianoids in stone in order to drink their blood as a part of a ritual. Seen in the last row of Page 58 of Xerxesian Chronicles Astarte's Challenge. (The Hyaza girl sees Xerxes which is why she is happy because she is going to be saved.)
This ritual of drinking the blood of captured enemies started when the Korkins attacked the Oxa and Nyahiksa(proto-karutu) , where captured enemies where chained up or nailed to poles. After that , the unfortunate captives had their blood slowly drained by korkin mouths. 

The stone casters gained power due to their ability to trap people in stone. Trapping people mid battle was an effective way to get foreign captives without having to severely injure them or drive nails though their limbs. Korkin stone casters' captives could therefore drink more blood due to the lack of nails in their captives.
Xerxes freeing a Karutu girl seen in the last row of Page 60. The Korkin blood drinking ritual was despised by most other cultures the Korkins encountered.

The Anatrotu invasions of the 32nd millennium BX saw the end of the stone casters power. The weakness in the magic of the stone casters was that it ineffective against large numbers of people.
The Zwoti Korkins became the first to abandon the blood drinking ritual of their forefathers in 30,020BX. As their new allies the Young Anatrotu Kingdom of Jamesia disliked the korkin blood drinking ritual so the Zwoti Korkins were pressured into abandoning the practice.

The Korkins of Garasyim however, did not give up this ritual and this has lead to conflict with the Karutu. The Karutu allied with the Jamesians and in 35XY(Xerxes Years) Xerxes was sent into Garasyim to free the captives and collect a part of his soul.

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