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Thursday, 26 May 2016

Character Profile: The Main Protagonist: Xerxes Achemyeniz

Xerxes Achemyeniz
Character info
Name : Xerxes Achemyeniz.
Race : Jamesian Anatrotu.
Age : 35 Jamesosian years (109 earth years) (jamesianoids don't age after they fully mature) at time of Xerxesian Chronicles.
Where he hatched : Hikari, Jamesos Realm.
Location of Resendence (At the time of Xerxesian Chronicles) : Ectabana , Jamesos Realm.
Height : 192 cm
Weight : 86 kg

Xerxes was called to get the sword of Ahura-Mazda in order to defeat Astarte in Order to remove the curse that turned the Jamesos-Realm into a desert. He lives in a giant tree-stump in Ectabana , Jamesos Realm. He is a great warrior. His choice to live in a tree is weird to many Jamesians at first but they get used to it. He use to have two girlfriends , Keiozia and Adgilia but they where both killed resulting in Xerxes not wanting to get romantically involved with anyone. Princess Ato'ssa likes Xerxes in a romantic way but Xerxes doesn't, fearing for her life(he secretly thinks he's cursed), but Ato'ssa is still a close friend of Xerxes and Xerxes sometimes hangs out with Ato'ssa. Xerxes is capable of figuring out strategies to defeat boss monsters. He is patriotic of the Jamesian Kingdom and of its allies and will crush rebellions and doesn't care for the desire of races who want their own nation if it takes away lands, resources and/or power from the Jamesians or their allies but will support them if it hurts the enemies of the Jamesians or their allies. Xerxes will get angry and will attack Astarte on sight, as killing her will rid the curse on the Jamesos Realm.

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